Why Choose a Spiderzign Real Estate Solution?
The answer is very simple. We are the best designers in the market. Look at the features you receive from a single solution.
I need to reasure my clients that we are professional?
Using the Spiderzign Real Estate Solution will show your professionalism because of all the rich, extra features you will provide for them on-line. Clients like the comfort of their own environment so if you can give them as much information before they decide to call you they will be more receptive to your suggestions.
When can I get started designing my Real Estate web site?
Now. Send us an email by clicking here or call 586 883 1744.


Have a fully funtional real estate web site built for you with your own design ideas within a month with all of the most impressive functions that will make your clients come back and buy from you.

Full listing of home features
Tell your clients exactly what is in the property from it's square footage to extra features that makes the home sell.

You can configure all the major atributes of the home in a backend administration section that only you or your agents have assess to.

360 Virtual Tour
Enable your clients to take a 360 degree virtual tour of the properties without being there.

You can show different parts of the home and then walk to the different rooms in virtual reality.

Zoom in and out of the rooms. .

Automatic Flyers
The most time consuming job is to generate flyers for your clients to read at the property or sent through the postal services.

The system will automatically generate flyers in three different formats for you to print out and for your clients to print out from the web.

On-line Calculators
Enalbe your clients to calculate their mortgage paymenst on-line with different types of mortgages.

Your clients will be more knowledgable about how much they can afford before using your valuable time on a wild goose chase.

Here are all the features you get:.


  • Send Link To A Friend
  • Search Within Specific Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Financing Calculator
  • Display 1, 5, 10, 25, Or 50 Search Results Per Page
  • Search Within Pre-defined Price Ranges
  • Search within Specific Cities
  • Search within Specific Counties/Regions
  • Search within Specific Provinces or States
  • Search for Multiple Keywords (Match All or Any)
  • Search by MLS Number
  • Search by Property ID
  • Easy-to-use Page Navigation
  • Map It! with MapQuest
  • QuickList - Visitor Favourites
  • Printable Brochures (choice of 3 styles)
  • Virtual Tour Link
  • Send Inquiry To Agent or Brokerage
  • Detailed Property Information Including Images And Thumbnails
  • Document Downloads


  • Password Recovery
  • Change/Update Account Username and Password
  • "Add Listing": Enhanced Forms
  • Property "Hit" Counter
  • Unlimited Photos with a Built-In photo upload utility
  • Visitors can email agents directly from the web site
  • Spam Deterent To Protect Agent Email Addresses
  • Easy-to-use Registration Form


  • Password Recovery
  • Change/Update Account Username and Password
  • Agent Accounts can be Authorized Automatically
  • Property Listings can be Authorized Automatically
  • Colour Schemes
  • Category Management
  • Customizable Field Names On Agent Profiles
  • Customizable Field Names On Property Profiles
  • Customizable Search Form


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