What function can I have on my web site?
You can have any functions that are technologically available in the internet market.
I do not understand the internet to well.  Does this matter?
No.  You only need to know how to use a browser so that you can see your site once it is finished.  We deal with all the technology aspects and you deal with your business.
I am having problems with my present web site company.  Can you deal with them?
We will resolve any issues with your old web site company.
Web Sites Under Construction
During the last year we have provided a vast template gallery service that enable our customers to choose their own style of web site from 1000s of ideas.  Previously we would have to spend many hours consulting with the client to determine the web site's graphical needs which costs time and money.  This method now enables the customer to make the decisions about the web sites layout very quickly and accurately.  Here are some web sites that are presently under construction and ready for release in the next few weeks...
Colorado Rockies Baseball Team

Colorado Rockies Baseball Team (Vidoe Training Ssytem)
Five years ago the Technical director of Spiderzign desinged a video capture system for the Colorado Rockies that could capture 4 camera angles at once on a PC in full color at 30 frams per second.

The system is now looking to do more with video training on the road and the Colorado Rockies have commissioned Spiderzign to create a newer system that applies by today media standards.

Body Faders

Weathergard Windows (Michigan Windows Factory)
This company requires multiple systems to bring their business up to date with technology. The first phase is the development and installation of a CRM (Customer Relations Managment) system to follow workflow through the organization.

Other phases will include a new web site, Employee management system, new mailing systems, business protocol definitions and other services that Spiderzign can provide to help improve effeciency.

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David Godkin
This company would like a web site for mortgage brokerage with all the functionality of a professional mortgage company.

We are providing all the template design and functionality so that the company owns full copyright of services rendered.

Your New Dream House
Your New Dream House
This company provides real estate borkers for properties in Southeastern Michigan.  We are providing a real estate web site that agents can login to and enter new houses for rent or sale.  They can display details and pictures via a simple interface and add virtual 360 degree pictures so that clients can walk around in a house on their browser.
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41 Pounds saves the planet
This company is providing an excellent service to home and business to stop the massive waste of paper sent by mailers. The web site will enable customers to stop promotional mail from being delivered to your

It has been estimated that every person in America receives 41 pounds of junk mail every year. STOP THIS MADNESS.

Body Faders

Body Faders Color Changing Clothing
This company produces a remarkable clothing line of heat activated clothing that changes color when you touch them.

They require a flash colorful front end and a shopping cart system that can except all credit cards. They also need to be able to switch to different languages instantly for foreign clients.

Gabriel Records

EXO Snow Gear
This company is the creator of a very exciting new safety gear for the snow boarder.

This is a product web site with 3D rotational presentation for their new product and showcasing new designs.

Mid West Custom Pcs

Mid West Custom Computers
This company speializes in custom computer systems for gamers and provides custom cut out cases and paint sprays of your choice.

If you are a serious computer user then this is the company to construct the best looking and functioning computer.

Web Funeral Homes

Web Funeral Homes
This company provides funeral home infromation across America. It will provide information about times, churches, directions and services to make the funeral process smooth.

Funeral Homes will be able to enter their own data for all of their funerals.

Web Funeral Programs

Web Funeral Programs
This company provides obituary services for people who need funeral services printing and the obituary bio.

You will be able to select your programs from a set of templates and add pictures to them. This will be a full on-line design system to make the process easy.


Groundwork0 - RELEASE DATE: 01/21/2005
This company provides maintenance and management for networks and high tech routing systems. These are the guys that keep your networks in your office running and enable you to use the internet services.

We where hired to provide an impressive image and a software transfer location for engineers.


This company produces plastic parts and plastic die cast molding. They provide a range of products for motor cross and many other plastic parts in many different areas of manufacture.

They requested a new and more modern look.

N and L Color Graphics Printing
This company restored old photographcs to high quality standards for habituraries. They requested that customers be able to transfer large picture files to their offices and view framed pictures on-line.

The web site consists of a flash header which will be modified to relect their company information.

Inlandwaters Polution Control
This company is a polution cleanup firm that is very well known in North America.  We are providing an intranet solution to centralize the company data and improve the workflow documentation for ISO9001.  We are also providing a front end web site for clients and a portal to the intranet so that remote employees can access company data via the internet.
This company requested a Phase 2 web site with a more corporate look.  We previously provided them with a Phase 1 informational template and after there complete satisfaction they returned to upgrade to a higher level system..
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